What is Microblogging?

Hi guys! I am so glad you can join me today, because I have a topic for you that I stumbled across by accident. If you want to know more, please read on :)

So, the other day, I was scrolling through my Pinterest feed, as I normally do, and came across the term "Microblog" and since I want to start blogging more often, I thought I would set it aside and take a look at it later.

Now that 2020 has hit and I find myself as still a part- timer with no real work experience, I thought that I should take blogging seriously, and went back to my saved blogging topics on Pinterest. It turns out that the last thing I have put into that folder was an article called: How to Start a Microblog on Instagram (No Website Required).

*yup, I just gave you the link, just in case I don't do them justice*

What I have gathered from my research is that Microblogging is just like posting normally on social media, but with more words, but not enough to make an article.

It seems that the most popular places to Microblog are:

  • Twitter

  • Tumblr

  • Pinterest

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

Microblogging can include text, pictures, videos, and links to help you get your point across.

  • There are a Lot of benefits to Microblogging:

  • It is faster, so you don't have to spend your whole day planning what to write.

  • Easier, so you don't have to stress out so much

  • Shorter, so you don't have to write an essay when it is not needed

  • It gives you a good reason to try new platforms in different ways

Before looking into Microblogging, I had NO IDEA what I was supposed to do with Twitter. I get that it is a popular platform and I understand that it is a great place to connect with so many new people, but for some reason, I could NOT make a post to save my life. The only times that I would use it was when I was posting a new video and even THAT just felt wrong, but NOW, I can come at it from a different direction and use it as a Microblog.

In short:


In long:

YES, but first you have to find your niche, then you have to grow your account, after that you want to get a media kit, then you have to determine your worth, and finally, you have to contact brands.

It seems to be a lengthy process, but it sounds worth it. Each sponsorship can be $50 or more, I even read that it could be over $500!!!

Again, I do not know everything in detail, this is a new topic for me, so I am just going to link this article for you to enjoy and hopefully, get a lot out of it :)

How to get Paid for Instagram Posts... She has a lot of great tips, what can I say?


I still haven't given it a try just yet, but I think I can figure it out here real soon, and I am sure it will reduce my anxiety from having to post on the platforms that I am just not sure about yet.

If you guys have any other information about Microblogging or have you even heard of such a thing? Please feel free to let my know more in the comments or contact me through my socials or my email.

I can't wait to hear from you guys and I hope you have a great day!

Thank you!


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