Trying to Better myself Entry 3: Failing

Updated: May 2, 2020


I am back.

And I am failing.


The last two days I have NOT done anything to "better myself" and I mostly have been feeling "blah" and unmotivated.

Just as a reminder, I have been trying to better myself as a human being and my first step to doing that is to stick to a morning routine for 30 days in order to make it into a habit. I think this is day 4 or 5 and the last 2 days I have NOT stuck to a routine.

Yuck. It doesn't feel good, but at the same time:

"Don't beat yourself up"

"Mistakes are just feedback"

"You are just learning"

"Don't be afraid to make mistakes, be afraid of not trying"

Soooooo, I guess I will be fine.

I started my period this morning and I am assuming that is part of the reason why I feel so yucky. Don't worry, I wont talk too much about this, but come on let's face it, my body is literally being torn apart inside. I am going to feel like crap and I am not going to want to do anything for a little while.

I really don't want to do my morning routine today. I don't want to do anything today and as I am sitting here I am starting to feel worst.

I work today...

I think I am going to take some medicine and lay down till I have to go to work. Yeah, I like like that plan.

Welp, I guess that means I am going to leave on that note. Wish me luck and I am sorry about the lack of pictures today. There isn't really anything to take a picture of.

Okay, bye.

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