My First Pop-up Shop


I just wanted to jump up on here today to talk about my first time attending a pop-up shop. I'm going to touch base on what was all there, my experience, and more.

The Pop-up Shop

This past week I attended a pop-up shop that was hosted by Cindy Tillman, who sells all kinds of jewelry.

The pop-up shop had different types of vendors from jewelry, to Christmas decor and homemade goods. There were also a couple of people who had holistic shops with headache remedies, sage, and healing crystals. This event has been taking place every weekend from November 21st through to December 21st in 453 Broadway Ave Lorain, Ohio, so if anyone is still interested in taking a look around, you still have time!

If you want to know more about who is attending and what will be showcased you can take a look at the Morning Journal article, that was published last week.

What is a Pop-up Shop

I have been looking for an opportunity to try a pop-up shop, gallery, or art show for some time, so when I found the post online I had SO many questions. I wanted to know more and I wanted to make sure I could be apart of it.

For days, after my exchange with Cindy, I tried to prepare myself with what was to come. I was looking through Pinterest nearly everyday and I was hoping to find articles of other people who had pop-up shop experiences. I have never been to one nor have I ever heard of one, so I NEEDED to know more.

Basically, a pop-up shop is an event that takes place for a limited amount of time. It can be a big event and have multiple vendors selling all types of stuff or it can be a single vendor/ artist doing their own thing.

Preparing for the Shop

Like I have mentioned before, I was looking for different articles to help me find out how to prepare myself for this event. I found a couple of lists on what to bring, pictures on how to set up, and articles that helped me understand what was to come. Everyday, I was trying to prepare myself mentally and "physically". I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing a single thing.

The Problems I Faced

Unfortunately, even with all the articles that I read, there was no way I could be prepared for what headed my way.

  • I ran out of ink, so I couldn't finish printing what I wanted to sell.

  • I ran out of paper, so I couldn't print out any last minute business cards.

  • I ran out of money, so I couldn't go buy the things I needed till my paycheck came in.

  • AND I had car trouble the day before!

It just seemed like one problem after the other and I started second guessing everything, but then I had a friend who came to help me out. He helped me pack things up and get to the event. THANK GOODNESS!

Problems Solved

Thank goodness I have people who love and support me and are willing to help me in my time in need.

My boyfriend bought me some more ink, my friend ran to the store to grab more supplies the DAY OF, helped me with a ride, AND fixed my car within the next few days, and my grandfather helped me the next day with rides and packing up my shop.

Overall Experience

I genuinely enjoyed myself. It was definitely a different experience and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but for an introvert it wasn't easy to talk to some of the people coming though. I didn't know what to expect or what to say and because I can be introverted at times, it proved to be difficult for me, but I would totally do it again and now I know what to expect.

What is to Come

I am going to have one more day at this event on Dec. 20th from 12 PM-8 PM at 453 Broadway Ave Lorain, OH 44052

If you guys are interested in seeing my work or anyone else, be sure to join us!

I can't wait to see you guys and to expand into this world of pop-up shops and galleries, hopefully, I can do better next time, so wish me luck :D

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