Easter 2020

This year for Easter was OBVIOUSLY a weird one. The Covid-19 floating around, everything closed, and having a hard time to find ANY necessity items. Again, a strange year, but Easter is a pretty important holiday for me and I wanted to still enjoy it, so I made and an Easter dinner for me and the people I live with.

Obviously, I don't have the skills like my mother and all the other family members that come to share their goodness on Easter, but I tried my best.

I made the "important" dishes that I just can't live without.



Green bean casserole

Mashed potatoes


The first two were really REALLY important to me.

The third one was also important and the mashed potatoes... I could have lived without, but it was important to my boyfriend, so I made that for him too.

In general, the meal was pretty decent. A few things needed a little bit more salt or garlic, but other than that it was pretty tasty.

Overall, I was proud of myself for pulling this off.

And since I am proud of myself, I introduce to yoooooou my dishes <3

On the left are the mashed potatoes. They weren't my best version, but they were still good. I tried to mimic the taste of a baked potato. Not bad, but a little on the sweet side. I think I might have put a little bit too much sour cream. Oops.

On the right I made Arroz aka rice. Pretty basic. I didn't put any beans in it though because one of the people I live with prefer no beans and I thought they'd appreciate it.

OOOOOOH! Over here we have the Green Bean Casserole. Oh MY the flavor on this one was REALLY good, but I think I over cooked it at one point and it got a little too thick.

It almost had the consistency of mashed potatoes.

A strange texture? Sure, but the flavor was all that matter for this dish. I wish I still had some left!

Pernil... Ummm.. yeah.. I guess I forgot to take a picture of the cooked version haha, but trust me. It was good too.

I called my mom to make sure I made this one right.

I think in the end I cooked it a little too long, but all the flavors were there and the next day it made a yummy sandwich.

For dessert, I made some chocolate chip cookies (bottom left) and Chocolate Oreo Truffles (bottom right).

Two very simple treats to whip up last minute to keep everyone happy and vuala Easter dinner for 4!

I have never planned a meal like this before and I was super excited about it. Hopefully, they enjoyed the food as much as I did and maybe next holiday, I can contribute a bit more when we are all allowed to roam freely again.

Sorry, for the short post. I am halfway tempted to make a post on how to make some of these dishes too, but I think I should do it when I have a better understanding and some real measurements.

I'm not a natural measure-er and kind of go by eyeballing.

Welp, that's all I have for today.


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